Sharma’s Seven Basic Principles for Enlightened Living

Robin Sharma’s short fable in The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari helps you remember the seven keys to self-mastery, personal responsibility, and spiritual enlightenment. In summary:

Robin Sharma Monk Who Sold His Ferrari new age fiction spiritual novel

Robin S. Sharma

You are in a beautiful garden with a towering lighthouse in the center. From the tower comes a huge sumo wrestler, with only a pink cable to cover his private parts. He stumbles over a shiny gold watch, and then notices some fragrant yellow roses. He leaves the garden through a long path covered with millions of sparkling diamonds.

The beautiful garden is your mind. Cultivate your mind diligently with meditation, replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts, and visualize positive outcomes.

The lighthouse reminds you to follow your life purpose. Set clearly defined personal, professional, and spiritual goals, and have the courage to act on them. Practice self-examination.

The sumo wrestler represents self-mastery. Enlightenment comes through constant cultivation of your mind, body, and soul. Practice by doing things you fear, and review the 10 Rituals for Radiant Living.

The pink cable reminds you to live with discipline. To build discipline, consistently perform small acts of courage. Willpower is essential; practice mantras and creative visualization. Cultivate silence.

The shiny gold watch symbolizes time. Time is your most precious commodity. Focus on priorities, maintain balance, and simplify your life.

The yellow roses represent selfless service to others. The quality of your life is determined by the quality of your contribution. Practice daily acts of kindness, give freely, and form rich relationships.

The diamond-strewn path symbolizes the richness of life. Embrace the present, and live in the “now.” Live each day as it were your last, and grow your destiny.

For more information, see Book review: The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari and Sharma’s Ten Rituals for Radiant Living.


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