Integrations from The Twelfth Insight

For the full review of The Twelfth Insight: The Hour of Decision by James Redfield, see Book review: Twelfth Insight– Hour of Decision.

Redfield describes twelve integrations. The first five are the foundation to spiritual consciousness; the remaining seven pertain to the “rise to sacred influence.”Twelfth Insight Hour of Decision by James Redfield new age novel spiritual fiction metaphysical

  1. Learn how to stay in the flow of synchronicity. Consciously expect synchronicity to occur, and stay in a state of “expectant alertness.”
  2. Center yourself in truth and stay “awake” in terms of spirituality.
  3. Live in a state in which you seek ways to be of service to others.
  4. Come together and rise to influence.
  5. Experience protection. When you learn to stay in alignment with the integrations, you experience the ability to sense danger and avoid it.
  6. Reconcile religious and scientific beliefs.
  7. Trust your intuition.
  8. Learn to tune into people and experience “conscious conversations.” Hold the intent to connect with and uplift each other’s higher self or soul. Intend oneness.
  9. Tune into the world at a level of pure love or agape. Practice seeing the world through a lens of beauty.
  10. Communicate with the Other Side and integrate spiritual information into daily life.
  11. Come into alignment and stay connected with everyone at a spiritual level.
  12. Keep all the integrations in place: live in spirituality, expect synchronicity, stay in alignment, expect protection, listen to your guiding intuition, live in agape love and see through the lens of beauty, integrate spiritual information into your everyday life, and stay connected with everyone.

Note that this is a very high-level, incomplete overview of Redfield’s fourth new age novel.


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