How to submit a book for review

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I am seeking novels  with strong spiritual themes that drive the plot and character development.

If you would like us to review your book, please email NewAgeFiction AT gmail DOT com with a synopsis or press release in the body of the email. Write “Book submission for review” in the subject line. Include no attachments; if you include an attachment, we will delete the email. We will try to respond as soon as possible.

  • Self-published books are acceptable if they are well edited and of high quality
  • The book must contain substantial spiritual/new age/metaphysical themes
  • No Christian-only themes
  • No nonfiction
  • No erotica

We try to respond within a week. We accept print books, ebooks, and advance review copies. You pay any shipping or download costs.

We will not post a bad review, and in addition to Fiction For A New we also post reviews at,, Twitter, and Facebook @NewAgeFiction.

Submission policies

We reserve the right to refuse to review any book for any reason, even if you have already submitted the book. If we accept your book, we will not print a review unless we can rate the book at least 3 out of 5 stars; this site only promotes great “agnostic” spiritual/new age fiction. No books will be returned. If we choose not to keep your book, it will be donated to a local library. Your submission will receive an honest review that is in no way affected by the fact that the book was free.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask! NewAgeFiction AT gmail DOT com


10 thoughts on “How to submit a book for review

  1. Hi PJ — Thanks for the work you do reviewing New Age fiction. Given the fast changing nature of publishing, would you reconsider your policy about self-published writers? Seems like the only way to go these days. If so, I can recommend a funny novel about an E.T walk-in, recently publishrd as an e-book on Amazon by a writer with a track record. What do you think? Regards from Ada. (Oh — I didn’t write it!)

    • Yes, I’m always open to good writing. It’s just that many self-published books are poorly written and I wouldn’t want to recommend them to others. However, this one sounds intriguing! Send me the info via the address, and I’ll follow up. Thanks.

      • Thanks for your reply, P.J. The writer is Myles Murchison and the book is called Walking In. He will send you the information for your consideration. It is now available as an e-book from Apple as well as Amazon. I liked this book. Appealing characters and a well-paced story. Inspirational, but with a light, comic touch. Thanks for being willing to consider it. Ada.

      • I agree with the premise of your article! In my experience, there is clearly a lack of support from the “established publishing world” for new age fiction. It is this very fact that drives many writers with excellent writing skills to the self-publishing avenue. Admittedly, many people fancy themselves writers and stroke their egos by self-publishing weak stories, but your stance of not being interested in any self-published new age books reinforces the very bias you argue against. One should look at any book on its own merit, regardless of how it made it into print. You’ll know in the first chapter if it is worthy of your further consideration.

      • I agree with your point on self-published books. As you will note, I do accept self-published books of good quality–just submit the first chapter.

  2. I am somewhat confused. Having just submitted my book (This Strange and Precious Thing) for review, with my synopsis on the body of the email, I now read above, that I could have submitted my first chapter instead. I think, possibly, that this would have given a stronger impression of the quality of the writing and a better feel of the story.

  3. Many thanks for your response, PJ. May I just ask; should I send the whole text on the body of my email, which might prove difficult, or send it as an attachment?

  4. Hi PJ, As I haven’t received a response as yet, I shall try sending my first chapter as an attachment on email. I hope that’s OK.

  5. Still feeling confused. I emailed my 1st chapter as an attachment as it seemed too long, (7 pages plus contents page) to put on the body of an email. But your statement that you would delete any mail with an attachment without reading it, makes me doubtful now that you’ve accepted it. I’ll try sending it again on the body of the email if you’d be kind enough to let me know if that’s what you prefer.
    Many thanks.

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