How to submit your own review

Finder of Lost Things, PJ Swanwick, new age fiction, spiritual fictionIf you would like us to publish a book review you have written, please email NewAgeFiction AT gmail DOT com and put the review in the body of the email. Write “Review submission” in the subject line. Include no attachments; if you include an attachment, we will delete the email. We will try to respond as soon as possible.

  • No self-published books
  • The book must contain substantial spiritual/new age/metaphysical themes
  • No Christian-only themes
  • No nonfiction
  • No erotica
  • 750 words or less

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask! Email NewAgeFiction AT gmail DOT com.

Format for reviews

Remember, no attachments. The review must be copied into the email.

Book title [for example, Raven Stole the Moon]

Subhead–one short sentence that summarizes your review–lower case [Alaskan story delivers great writing and spiritual depth]
Rating: x out of 5 stars
Guest reviewer–you! [Reviewed by Fab Writer]

Summary paragraph of your review–Include the author’s full name in the first sentence and summarize your take. [Garth Stein, best-selling author of The Art of Racing in the Rain,  explores the spiritual traditions of his Tlingit heritage . . .]

Story: A short summary or synopsis of the book from Goodreads, Amazon, the blurb on the book, information from the publisher, or your own description. Limit to one paragraph, and omit blatant marketing phrases [This book will change your life!]. Include source [From]

Spiritual content: Your summary of the spiritual/new age/metaphysical elements and how effective they were. Start with Low, Medium, or High.  [Medium. The story walks us through part of the Tlingit creation myth, including a mystical “between lives” state where a dead person’s soul can be trapped instead of entering the afterlife . .  .]

My take: Your personal opinion of the book. What worked for you? What could have been improved? Include information on how well the book was written. [Stein uses spare, direct prose to tell the story with great skill, occasionally using moving metaphors and parables to help the reader envision the incomprehensible . . .]

Book title and author [Raven Stole the Moon, by Garth Stein]
Publisher and first issue date [Published by Harper Collins, 2010]
Format and length  [such as Paperback, 445 pages; Audiobook, 4 hours; Kindle–I don’t know! Do you have any suggestions?]

Guest reviewer: Whatever you would like to say about yourself. Please limit to two or three lines.

Other guidelines:

  • Don’t send a review for a book that rates less than three stars. The purpose of this site is to recommend good books, not criticize sub-par work.
  • Limit your review to 750 words
  • Always italicize book names

Use this rating system:

3 stars – Decent to good, but I wouldn’t reread it.

4 stars – Very good! I would recommend it and perhaps reread it.

5 stars – Loved it! I would highly recommend it and keep a copy on my shelf.

Submission policies

Do not write a review of your own book. We reserve the right to verify the opinion expressed in your review for any reason. If the review appears to be self-promotion, we may request a copy of the book before we consider publishing your review.

We reserve the right to refuse to publish any review for any reason, even if you have already submitted the review. We will not publish your review unless you rate the book at least 3 out of 5 stars; this site only promotes great new age fiction. Your review may be edited for clarity or brevity.


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