About Fiction for a New Age

Purple flowers, PJ Swanwick, new age fiction, spiritual fictionWhat is New Age Fiction?

New Age Fiction is a genre in search of a home. In bookstores, the Spiritual Fiction section is about 80% religious fiction. If you ask if the store has a New Age section, likely you’ll be directed to a mix of nonfiction and novels with everything from Stephanie Meyer to Paulo Coelho.

Why should you read it?

I can’t presume to tell you why to read in this new genre. My motives are to be entertained, inspired, and perhaps find something I can add to my own spiritual practice. Many books and novels achieve one or two of these goals.  However, it’s the rare book that can do all three. Some examples are Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance by Robert M Pirsig, Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach, The Celestine Prophesy by James Redfield, and The Way of the Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman.

Why read these book reviews?

Did you know that Jack London wrote an incredible novel about astral projection, or that Deepok Chopra  has tried his hand at fiction (unsuccessfully, in my opinion)?

My goal is to find entertaining and inspirational novels that address “agnostic” spiritual and new age beliefs in a meaningful way. I’m sure there are many out there, but how do you find them? How do you know if they’re worth your time and money? The reviews posted here may help you identify and evaluate the best of new age fiction, both new and classic.

What else does this site offer?

The occasional movie review, random thoughts, and links for new age readers and writers.

How can you participate?


7 thoughts on “About Fiction for a New Age

  1. Hello PJ,
    This is a great blog! I have left my email address here so you can email me directly. I appreciate that you are following me on hubpages. I have always loved metaphyscial things, but am not very computer literate, so HP was a big learning curve for me. In the beginning they said in 6 months you would most likely make a $100.00 payout, and that would snowball. It seemed true, but those making money were mostly writing product hubs (which I dislike, but tried a few)! Then the Google algorithm changed, they said to get rid of the garbage on Google and HP–though HP blames Google. I only made $17.00 after 82 hubs, but love to write, as you know. I am taking the plunge and starting a blog too. It will be http://jeansjournies.blogspot.com, inspired by one of your comments about my work! I am trying to monetize it, but Amazon would’t until they see more contnet. Please feel free to email me. Jean

    • Hi PJ I’m really glad I found this blog quite by chance! Look forward to reading. I’ve always loved fiction that had meaning and depth and many of my favourite books are those with a spiritual or metaphysical twist – I’m thinking of Paulo Coelho and Herman Hesse’s books in particular, they certainly inspired me. I’ve written a fantasy/sci-fi novel with spiritual themes which is being published in May, I’d love to submit it for review 🙂

  2. I really like the thought put into the title. I dislike the way people lump so many–what I now call metaphysical topics–into the “New Age” catagory. Especially since most of it is ancient wisdom coming back into people’s consciousness. By saying it’s “for a new age” really says it well, with the same words. Well done! I want to read so many books you have on here, but I’m spending so much time writing, I’m usually up until 3AM doing that. I have a chronic back issue and am not working, so I can (and do) sleep late. I am excited about starting my own blog, it’s going to be a mix, a few book reviews, astrology tidbits too small for a large article, and I’m thinking maybe a group tarot card reading. Like I throw a 3 card reading, and get others to participate in the interpretation. What do you think? I still have not posted, I just thought of what to name it last night. Jean

    • And a blog too! I’ll definitely check it out. If you’re interested, I’d love to get some fiction reviews from you for guest posts. Another great resource to check out is http://VisionaryFictionAlliance/org. They’ve got some great writers working on new projects and posting articles about this genre we all love and hope to promote to wider audiences.

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