How Does the Act of Writing Affect Your Brain?

Moreover, readers can literally “feel” good writing

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How Does the Act of Writing Affect Your Brain

One of the most interesting details shared in the graphic above is the information about the Princeton University Study which demonstrated that the brain of a person telling a story and the brain a person listening to it can synchronise. The academic paper published by the researchers can be read on the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health website. The link that is possible between a storyteller and their audience, what the paper describes as “speaker–listener neural coupling” can be clearly seen in this image.

neural coupling 3

More fascinating research on storytelling and the brain has been conducted at Emery University. A study published in February 2012 found that a region of the brain important for sensing texture through touch, the parietal operculum, is also activated when someone listens to a sentence with a textural metaphor. The same region is not activated when a similar sentence expressing the meaning of the metaphor is heard. As Annie Murphy Paul explained her fantastic March 2012 essay Your Brain on Fiction, “while metaphors like ‘The singer had a velvet voice’ and ‘He had leathery hands’ roused the sensory cortex, phrases matched for meaning, like ‘The singer had a pleasing voice’ and ‘He had strong hands’ did not.”

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6 thoughts on “How Does the Act of Writing Affect Your Brain?

  1. This is so very interesting. It ties in with all I’ve been told by several of my ‘up there’s’ as a friend put it — more usually termed Ascended Masters. Although,’ they’ tell me, this term is very much outdated!
    As we come closer to our Higher Selves/Higher Consciousness, our writing, the words we use have an energy which goes beyond the printed page, and reaches out to the reader in a way which brings about a transformation of their own consciousness. This is why my last book, (Dreaming Worlds Awake) was subtitled, New Energy, New Consciousness, Crossing Frontiers.

  2. This is great information and explains to me why some writing moves people more than other writing does. Definitely something to think about while I am working on the sequel to I Call Myself Earth Girl. Thanks for sharing it.

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