Book review: Walking In

Despite slow start, novel about walk-ins evolves into clever page-turner

Walking In Myles Murchison new age metaphysical spiritual visionaryRating: 3 1/2 out of 5 stars

I typically shy away from stories about UFOs and Plieadians that take over human bodies, but the spiritual premise of Myles Murchison’s new spiritual novel “Walking In” seemed promising enough to take a chance–and his visionary novel made me glad I did. Despite a weak beginning, the story grew into a fascinating page-turner that had me racing to the finish.

Story: Walking In is a funny and inspirational book about walk-ins, angels, karma, love, sex and E.T. 101. It’s about Joanna who believes she is Deevorrah, an extraterrestrial fifth-dimensional spirit from the star system Pleiades. Is she really? Or is she crazy? She wants to create heaven on earth but now she’s fleeing in a stolen bus with an armed felon, chased by a new lover and half the cops in northwest America. Will she transmute the planet or simply lose what’s left of her mind? (From

Spiritual/metaphysical content: High. At every turn, Murchison introduces metaphysical principles, occult practices, and popular spiritual themes: Channeling the energetic power in Sedona, New Mexico, focusing energy with pentagrams, performing chakra work to clear negative energy, using psychometrics to manipulate matter (such as starting a stalled engine), talking to dead spirits,  teaching the law of attraction, and offering the “Wisdoms”: life-affirming spiritual beliefs that underlie many spiritual/metaphysical/new age works.

Walk-ins are energy beings from the planet Plieadia that inhabit the bodies of willing humans who have chosen not to live. The human leaves the body to become one with Spirit, but a small piece of energy remains. The Plieadian goal is to help “earthlings” co-create heaven on earth by helping them into the fifth dimension of energy and light. Hindering their efforts, however, is the fourth dimension,  which encases the earth like a force field. This dimension holds the negative energy generated by humans, described as “emotion pollution.” Humans have difficulty evolving spiritually not only because our own negative energy surrounds us, but also because the fourth dimension is the dominion of disembodied spirits that want to inhabit the earth through psychic control.

The Plieadians are here because it’s time for humanity to break free of the fourth dimension and enter the realm of the fifth. The walk-ins use the New Thought industry to fund the Third Planet Mission, which attracts and trains humans who can help channel the energies necessary to transform the planet. And why has the emotional cesspool of earth been chosen to receive help from Plieadia? Because of our capacity for love.

My take: Murchison is a competent writer and works hard to create a compelling blend of romance, mystery, conflict, and hope. He describes the experience of walking in to a human body in finely honed, convincing detail, as well as the psychological struggle to determine who will ultimately control the body that Dee is inhabiting.

However, Murchison’s writing style hinders the story’s flow. Multiple points of view and frequent flashbacks sometimes left me wondering–and wandering–as a reader. Unnecessary back story cluttered some scenes. The book took a while to gain steam, and the Plieadian concept was a stretch for me. But once I got past these hurdles, the story picked up momentum and thundered to a satisfying conclusion. By the midpoint, the plot had morphed into a page-turner that I was reluctant to put down.

Details: Walking In, by Myles Murchison
Kelly Books (Canada), 2011
Kindle, 3085 (short)
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