Book review: ReBecoming

Holistic approach, vivid writing bolster novel’s appealReBecoming: The Way of Opportunity by JR Maxon, spiritual novel, new age fiction, metaphysical

Rating: 3 1/2 out of 5 stars

J.R. Maxon uses a holistic approach in his novel ReBecoming: The Way of Opportunity to illustrate how to develop both the mind and the body to accelerate  spiritual growth. Occasionally vivid writing helps elevate the book from merely informational to inspirational.

Story: Diana Archer struggles with the challenges many of us face: relationship issues, an unsatisfying job, and a feeling of, “Is this all there is?” Overstressed and out of shape, she joins a gym where she meets a man who becomes her personal trainer and spiritual guide.

From Can you teach me to be happy and content? With these words, Diana Archer embarks on a fateful quest for the answers that elude us all. Guided by a mysterious teacher and her own knowing heart, she awakens to the preciousness of life and soon discovers that the secrets of the universe really aren’t secret. Adventure, danger, and even romance are drawn to Diana as she searches for the tools she needs to change her fortune and her life.

Spiritual/metaphysical content: High. Readers of metaphysical novels such as Dan Millman’s Way of the Peaceful Warrior will recognize the story line–Diana’s new personal trainer becomes her spiritual teacher as well. He introduces her to basic spiritual concepts and teaches her how to contact her higher self for direction. Instruction alternates between weightlifting technique and meditation, diet tips and mindfulness. The narrative includes practical tips and tools for seeking inner guidance and making better life choices.

My take: The tone of the book is light, verging on chick lit. However, the story is interspersed with vivid dream sequences that illustrate the spiritual principles and add depth and color to an otherwise unremarkable plot. The metaphysical fundamentals are sound, and the guidance may be particularly helpful to novice spiritual seekers. Many will appreciate Maxon’s holistic approach; he covers mind and body issues as well as spiritual growth, including practical guidance for diet and exercise to accelerate spiritual development.

ReBecoming: The Way of Opportunity, by J.R. Maxon
Dassana Press, 2009
Paperback, 270 pages
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